Discover what other authors have said about Tamar’s editorial feedback:

Tamar took on my novel’s broken characters and clearly identified what was missing or inconsistent in their development. With her insight and careful explanations my main character now has an opportunity to show her story. I was impressed with her ability to work adult speculative fiction tropes and memes.

terry gene, writer of the Matryoschka.com novel series.

Tamar Sloan is an intelligent and insightful editor. She genuinely reads your work, thinks about your characters and provides sound advice that enriches the story. I  would definitely work with her again. 

Karen England – YA Fantasy Author

Tamar Sloan did a great job on my manuscript. Her work was intriguing, and I found myself unable to drop my book till I’d gone through all her edits. I like the way she explains her corrections, and offers insight to some research I never thought of doing. I recommend her, definitely. 

– Sinmisola Ogunyinka – Multi-Genre Author