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Hook Your Reader Ebook CoverReaders subconsciously want certain things from a book…and best-selling writers make sure they deliver it.

Thanks to evolution, the magic of story is wired into our brains – some of us can articulate why, many of us can’t – but science certainly can. Story serves a unique function in the human psyche, a purpose so vital to our success as a species that humans are inescapably drawn to it. The multibillion-dollar publishing industry is a testament to this.

But readers aren’t drawn to any old story, there are certain elements that tip the scales between the slush pile and the yes pile, the bottom-dwellers and the best-sellers, the meh books and the holy-hardcover-I-can’t-put-this-down! books.

And now you can discover exactly what these elements are.

Packed with real-life examples and practical exercises, Hook your Reader breaks down the essential components of chart-busting books. Writers of all genres and experience levels will learn how to:

  • Give readers what they are really looking for
  • Capture their readers by sparking curiosity
  • Engage their readers with the power of emotion
  • Craft a compelling character that readers can’t help but connect with

From the unique perspective of practicing psychologist and best-selling author, Tamar Sloan, Hook Your Readers allows you to hack your reader’s brain by creating a book that they’ll be unable to put down.

So, go ahead, discover what makes a best-selling book and why, but more importantly, how you can write one too.

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Grit for Writers

Grit for Writers Cover

Writing is challenging. It involves creating something deeply personal, then offering it up for public consumption. The rejection from agents and publishers, the slow sales, the negative reviews, and the most insidious under-miner, self-doubt, are all hurdles every writer will face. In a flooded, competitive market, how do you live your passion and keep reaching for your dream?


Grit is the ability to stick with things that are important to you, through thick and thin, through the thousands of words and hundreds of pages. The good news is this very key to your success can be cultivated and grown. With Grit for Writers you’ll learn how to recalibrate your mindset and how to motivate your actions with proven psychological strategies. Before you realise it, you’ll be the writer you’re proud of, the one others look up to, the one that lives their passion.

Don’t be the writer that never finishes their novel. Don’t be the writer that defines themselves by the ‘no thanks’ replies to submissions. Be the writer that experiences criticism and rejection and overwhelming self-doubt…and succeeds! Packed with personal stories of inspiration and proven strategies, Grit for Writers will have you on your way to writing success.

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The 2017 PsychWriter Omnibus

2017 Omnibus Cover

The popular posts of 2017 for you to access offline whenever you need them!
PsychWriter is a fun, engaging hub of information on character development, the science of story and how to engage readers. Tamar Sloan, a practicing psychologist and multi-award winning author shares her knowledge on:
•Creating authentic, compelling characters
•The science of story so you can engage readers
•Psychological disorders
•The popular Therapy for Writers series
So don’t miss out on almost 100 pages of valuable insights and information to create authentic characters and engaging stories, along with the motivation to get your story written — all within easy, organised, reach.

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