A Limited Time Offer!

So I’ve been sick on and off over the past few weeks (some weird ear infection that gives me vertigo and is determined to stick around), which not-so-helpfully coincided with the re-release of my young adult series, meaning I’m not on the ball as I usually am. I haven’t had the opportunity to put together one of my traditional blog posts, but serendipitdously, this is the week that I’ve teamed up with some big names in the self-publishing industry to give you the opportunity to be part of an awesome super stack.

The WRITE-PUBLISH-PROFIT SUPER STACK Bundle is a huge assortment of full-length e-books and courses that will help you skyrocket your writing career and self-publishing business. It contains courses and books on the craft of writing, info on launching and marketing your books, technical stuff about publishing and even software to help you write and properly edit and format your future bestseller.

CLICK HERE to check it out…

Grit for Writers is one of the eBooks hat’s included in the Bundle, but what’s more, this bundle has the solutions to the above-mentioned issues and here’s a few of the things you’ll find inside:

  • Get market overviews and reports, including genre-specific tends, earnings expectations, competition, best categories, top-selling cover art, keywords and way more.
  • Understand the insights and learn the skills needed to properly prepare your book for the all-important editing process.
  • Finally, uncover the secrets of building an effective author platform and develop a huge list of raving fans that are ready to buy anything you write the minute you publish it.
  • Uncover the hidden craft of story structure and intuitively know how long to make your scenes, where to place chapter breaks and more…
  • You’ll be able to attend a masterclass with a foreign rights agent who is responsible for hundreds of thousands in book sales… And when you’re done you’ll be able to pitch your book directly to her.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there is tons more content inside the bundle.

CLICK HERE to check it out…

Here’s the thing. If you decide to not get this bundle (It’s over 96% off retail price) Or you run out of time to grab it before it goes away for good in a day or two.

Info|Stack.io tends to be very careful about the books, authors, courses, and resources they allow into their bundles, so I’m very excited and proud to be able to be included in this latest version.

Anyway, you know how much hard work and focus I put into Grit for Writers, well, just multiply that by 30 and that’s the amount of value you get when you grab your WRITE-PUBLISH-PROFIT SUPER STACK bundle.

CLICK below to check it out


Have a wonderful week,


P.S. Remember, they can’t hold the price down for very long so if you’re interested, you need to grab yours quick.

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