One Powerful Perspective that Will Keep You Writing

I originally wrote this post a couple of years ago for a different blog I had started. It was called Blue Mood, and it was all about living (and succeeding) with depression. For any of you that have read my Grit for Writers book, this isn’t new news as I’ve shared the challenges that depression can bring to writing. I didn’t continue Blue Mood as I found it was a little too close to my day job as a psychologist, and that I needed a break from exploring feeling down and what to do about it. But Blue Mood was an integral step in discovering PsychWriter (showing you that no time is wasted if you’re working towards your goals), plus some of the old posts have provided valuable food for thought…

I wrote this post as I was writing my second book – Prophecy Accepted. The Prime Prophecy Series (the final book, book 3, will be published later this year) explores a theme, one that was pretty pertinent to me as I started the writing journey. That was a couple of years ago, but it struck me as valuable to share, and you’ll see why.

It wasn’t deliberate to explore this one elusive emotion that my male protagonist, Noah, gets to learn the hard way. Thankfully I’m not a Werewolf that has to make some pretty tough decisions that hold lives in the balance, I’m just writing some books and a blog. But as I wrote that book, I realised I needed to develop this elusive emotion just as much as Noah did.

So what is the theme of the Prime Prophecy Series, one that resonated so very deeply within me, that is so relevant to anyone who writes?


Somedays your mind points out there is very little proof supporting what you so desperately want to believe. We see the success stories and we wish we were there. We see the mountain we have to climb, and we’re not sure we have what it takes. We doubt the the belief we are good enough, that we will write something, anything, that people will want to read more of.

On those days, we need faith. Faith is what kept me writing and working towards my goals, faith is what got me where I am today (which is not some gazillioniare writer that hangs out with John Green, but certainly I’m certainly sitting on a rung that lots of writers aspire to). More importantly, faith will be integral to keep me moving forwards…and having dinner John’s ; )

Thankfully, others have managed to capture the essece of faith far more poignantly, definitely more succinctly, and a whole lot more eloquently than I ever could, so I thought I’d create some images you can pop up in your writing space, just like I did.

we are twicearmed if wefight with faith

Those doubts never stand a chance if we cultivate faith. Heck, we don’t need proof. We believe, plain and simple.

Faith is the bird that feels the light with the

Faith will tell you that challenges and doubts and setbacks are temporary. Faith believes things will get better, even when another part of you says it won’t.


When you have faith you don’t need to see when this will begin, how long this will take, where this will end. You can take that first step, knowing it you are moving forward. Knowing this is enough.


And ultimately, faith will be the wings that that take you there, the wind that lifts you, the reward when you reach your destination.

It worked for me. I had very little proof that the books I have written, the series I am creating, will reach more than 50 people’s eyes. In fact, there was far more evidence that first time authors don’t sell more than 100 books in their lifetime.

But faith encouraged me to continue, to keep trying, to keep typing. And I’m glad I did. PsychWriter was born because I began writing and has gained far more momentum than I ever imagined. My Prime Prophecy Series sells a book a day (with very little marketing effort on my part). The reviews I’ve received hold words that never stop prompting a glowing feeling in my chest. But what’s more, I love writing. I love spending time with my characters. And I love being someone who believes in something, and does it.

So I say try it. Give it a go. Don’t wait for proof or evidence or a sign.

Believe in yourself. Have faith that you can do this.

Go forth and write 🙂

Have you struggled with believing in your writing? Does remembering to have faith in yourself help you get those words down? Comments and feedback are always appreciated. Connecting with others is why I write. You can comment below, or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Have a wonderful week,


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  1. Funny, I needed to hear this today! I’m outlining my first book and alternate between loving the process and thinking my ideas are lame. 🙂 Keep the Faith by Bon Jovi has been my anthem for decades, so I shall keep on writing! Have a great week!

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  2. “Faith will tell you that challenges and doubts and setbacks are temporary. Faith believes things will get better, even when another part of you says it won’t.”

    Ah! There’s the rub! That other part of me. It’s in the ascendant right now, and typically feels permanent. I know it’s not, but the negative feeling trumps the positive thought, for a while. Thanks for this, Tamar. I’ll meditate on the pics.

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